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Please Help Free Ajay Dev, An Innocent Man

We have put together this petition to ask that an investigation be conducted into the case of Ajay Dev, a dark skinned man, who was convicted of rape even though there was NO physical evidence, no witnesses, no corroborated testimony; and the alleged victim's testimony was inconsistent and outrageous. Click here to sign the petition.

 Ajay’s story is NOT fiction; it is a devastating true to life story of how our judicial system has failed this innocent man and sent him to prison for 378 years.

Many supporters have been assisting Ajay in his fight for freedom and the truth;

• The Innocence Project of Northern California
• Change.Org where over 700 people sent letters to governmental agencies demanding an investigation
• NAFCA (Nepalis And Friends Cultural Association)
• Advocates for Ajay with over 400 members fighting for Ajay’s exoneration, some of which have been true victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Adding to this injustice is the unparalleled sentence Ajay received of 378 years, even though:

• Ajay volunteered to take a lie detector test right after the accuser filed her complaint and passed.
• No physical evidence.
• No DNA.
• No prior convictions or arrests of any kind – Ajay had a clean record. 
   However, his accuser was convicted of passport fraud and perjury at the age 
   of 22; and admittedly lied on immigration documents to gain immigration 
• At sentencing the judge stated that he did not find Ajay a danger to the public.

Ajay’s story is a tragedy; a family broken, two young sons growing up without their fathers’ love, encouragement and direction. Ajay was a productive tax-paying member of society, having his MS in Engineering, a Professional Engineer for the State of California, a humanitarian who believed in working to unite people around the world; a board member and volunteer for several national and international non-profit organizations (NAFCA, NAGC, ANA, DAC, EJC), most commonly known for raising funds to aid victims of floods and cyclones in Nepal and Bangladesh.

We ask you to take the first step in restoring justice, sign the petition and let your voice be heard by demanding that the injustice done to Ajay be corrected.