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Conviction Movie

The movie, Conviction, is based on the true story of Kenny Waters who was wrongfully convicted for a heinous murder in Massachusetts. Betty Ann Waters, Kenny's sister, believed her brother was innocent and never gave up on him.  Betty Ann puts herself through law school to fight for her brother and eventually gets the Innocence Project involved.

I would highly recommend this movie. Conviction gives a realistic portrayal  of the frustrations and emotional upheaval felt by those that are affected by a wrongful conviction, and illustrates what is necessary to overturn a wrongful conviction within our legal system. 

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After Innocence

Some get 30 minutes of fame for being exonerated, but then what happens after someone is released? After Innocence is a documentary that follows the lives of seven strong and courageous men who were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for years.  This film showcases the lives of these seven men and what becomes of them after they were proven innocent. 

Witch Hunt In Kern County

On Tuesday April 28, 2009 MSNBC aired a documentary entitled: Witch Hunt in Kern County.

The purpose of this documentary was to chronicle the unraveling of a small town's justice system. The main characters in this film were working class moms and dads who all were wrongly convicted of child molestation. They served lengthy prison time and were ultimately exonerated. All of the convicted were recklessly pursued by the same District Attorney, Edward R. Jagels.