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After Innocence

Some get 30 minutes of fame for being exonerated, but then what happens after someone is released? After Innocence is a documentary that follows the lives of seven strong and courageous men who were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for years.  This film showcases the lives of these seven men and what becomes of them after they were proven innocent. 

It is heartfelt and moves you to want to help others. It has received many accolades and you can easily see why, as it raises awareness of the injustices of our criminal justice system and how immorally bankrupt society has become. Just because someone is exonerated their record is not automatically expunged and it can take years to get your record cleared which in turn means that you cannot find housing or a job as society still sees you as  a convicted criminal.

The seven men in the film are strong and courageous because they chose to help others through their stories and become a positive force rather than let it beat them down. The innocent men are; Dennis Maher of Lowell, MA; Calvin Willis of Shreveport, LA; Scott Hornoff of Providence, RI; Wilton Dedge of Cocoa Beach, FL.; Vincent Moto of Philadelphia, PA; Nick Yarris of Philadelphia, PA; and Herman Atkins of Los Angeles, CA. 

As we are all potential jurors and unfortunately maybe potentially wrongfully convicted criminals, we should all be aware of what could happen and try to get the criminal system reformed.

After Innocence is a Showtime Independent Films Presentation in association with The American Film Foundation; directed by Jessica Sanders and written by Jessica Sanders and Marc Simon in association with The American Film Foundation