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13 Year Old Tried as Adult in Illinois Exonerated After 16 Years

Fighting Wrongful Convictions: Barry Scheck

2012: Rally Rabindra Pandey

Rabindra Pandey, speaking in Nepali, talks to the assembled crowd regarding Ajay Dev, the case, and the legal system in the United States.

2012 Rally: March

August 8, 2012: Marching to ask for freedom for Ajay Dev on the third anniversary of his wrongful conviction.

2012 Rally: Peggy Dev Regarding the Pre-Text Call

Peggy Dev, the wife of Ajay Dev, speaks regarding the wrongful conviction of her husband, the difficulty in fighting wrongful conviction and the pre-text call that was used to convict her husband. She tells the public what the District Attorney failed to tell them; that the accuser was allowed to translate the call and a certified expert translator said the accuser's translation was impossible.

2012 Rally: Kerstin Grothe Speaks on Ajay Dev's Innocence

2012 Rally: Sanjay Dev Speaks of Tragedy in his Family

Sanjay Dev, brother of Ajay Dev, speaks regarding the duel tragedies of Ajay's wrongful incarceration and the loss of his cousin, Keshav Dev. Keshav drove across the country from North Carolina to attend the rally for Ajay in 2011 and visited him at Mule Creek. Keshav tragically and unexpectantly passed away about one month after the rally. We miss him dearly.

2012: Rally Patty Pursell Explaining the Timeline of Events

Patty Pursell compares the accusations against Ajay Dev with the events that actually happened and plots them in a timeline so that everyone can see the ridiculousness of the accusation. She and Peggy Dev also speak to what was Ajay's accuser's motivation.


2012 Rally: Daryl Wein

Daryl Wein, former physician's assistant at Sierra Conservation Center, speaks on behalf of Ajay Dev during the 2012 Rally to Free Ajay Dev in Woodland, CA.


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    Find movies and documentaries centered around injustices that have happened in the United States. Injustice is a world wide problem. However in the United States we are all taught to believe that our system of justice has checks and balances so that people don't slide through the cracks. While this was the goal of the founding fathers, it has not held true in practice. More people have slipped through the cracks then is acceptable.