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2012: Rally Patty Pursell Explaining the Timeline of Events

Patty Pursell compares the accusations against Ajay Dev with the events that actually happened and plots them in a timeline so that everyone can see the ridiculousness of the accusation. She and Peggy Dev also speak to what was Ajay's accuser's motivation.

The timeline provides a visual picture of the charges and claims the accuser made in Ajay’s case. It also shows visually how those claims do not make sense, and supports our story of a teenager who was not raped, but is defying her parents’ rules and living a promiscuous life.

  • The long yellow line represents the claim by the accuser that she was raped 3x a week for almost five years.

    • The accuser claimed to have been impregnated by Ajay three times.  She also claimed to have had no sex with anyone else but Ajay.  Her testimony was contradicted by the testimony of a past boyfriend that they did indeed have sex.  If you look at the timeline, you can see that all three pregnancies happened after the accuser was dating other boys (blue lines represent when the accuser dated boys). 

    • Most interesting is that the accuser claims that Ajay did not use condoms yet she never got pregnant from 1999 to 2003—where she claims to have been raped approximately 625 times.

  • The orange line represents the accuser’s claim that she was shown pornography as a minor.  Ajay was found innocent of these charges. In fact, evidence showed that the accuser was more likely associated with the pornography. 

    • The download of pornography happened while the accuser was working on her term paper and was viewed while Ajay was at work. The pornography was not on the computers or viewed until after the accuser was dating boys and never viewed once the accuser moved out.

  • If you look at the end of the timeline, you will see that the accuser went to the police with her rape accusation within 24 hours of her boyfriend breaking up with her.  Ajay had communicated with the accuser's boyfriend about respecting Nepali values and Ajay's concerns regarding the accuser’s behavior.  The boyfriend then broke off the relations with the accuser, and she blamed Ajay’s interference as the cause. She retaliated by immediately filing rape charges against Ajay.

When you look at the timeline overall, you can see that all the problems the Devs had with the accuser start when she turns 18, goes to college and started having relations with boys.  The accuser’s claims don’t line up with the facts of the case.