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Andre Davis Exonerated After 31 Years and 10 Months

It was the tenacity of one woman who needed to know the truth regarding her niece's death that led to the eventual exoneration of Andre Davis.

There had been two tragedies in Judi Stickel's family. Her brother was murdered and so was her niece. Her family believed for years that her brother was murdered by two of his friends. After doing research into why the two were never arrested, she learned the shocking truth - her brother accidentally killed himself. She was horrified that for years she believed these two men were guilty, when in fact they were innocent. This led her to want to learn about the facts about her niece's murder. The more she learned the more she believed they had the wrong man. Eventually, Judi began communicating with Andre and her belief in his innocence grew. She got Northwestern University's Center on Wrongful Convictions interested in Andre's case and they eventually proved Andre's innocence via DNA and won him his release.

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